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เปลี่ยนภาษา ไทย

Nham , a very special type of fermented pork product, is a well recognized dish amongst those of us who love to eat Northern Thai food.

          Founded on the traditional knowledge and skills that Lanna people have long since used in preserving food, Aui Yon started her family business making and selling nham from a very small kitchen .And within the current generation of this famous nham producing family. Paratarawan Nirattisayawanit, also known as Khun Jearn, has become an important person at Aui Yon Co.,Ltd.

          Jean explained to us how she still vividly remembers the way her grandmother taught her to make nham when she was just a little girl. She had no idea back then that she would become the custodlan of the family business ,but she remained willing to further her education about food production after graduation from Mae Jo University with a Bachelors degree in Food Science .She later gained a Mastrs degree in Industrial Manufacture and Management (MBA-AGRO) from Chring Mai University, learning how to blend the best traditional Northen recipes.with contemporary business systems and technology.

          “We have become a large company due to regular customer order,along with having an extended production line .Following may father’s good business plans has also better supported all of us to know more about food , production process , and how to take care of the factory.

          After I had studied about food and production , I better understood that there has to be high standards when we make our nham,The environment needs to be clean and safe,to protect our staff and customers , We also use a good water system that allows us to process and organize waste,so that we are not pouring polluted water into our public rivers or lakes .We need to make sure that our community and the environment is kept safe as well !

          We are also always trying to improve the quality of our product. Currently we are using a special fermentation process engaging specialist biological techniques using micro organisms to ensure that our nham is really safe for our customers.We also guarantee that the taste is still the same; even if we do have to pay a little more to achieve it appropriately.

          I want to do my best and sell our nham all over Thailand. I also hope that our consumer base will develop the point of view that nham is in fact a more general product,like chicken,or regular pork ,and can be used daily in easy dishes such as Khai Jeaw Nham (Thai style nham omelet).It’s such an easy dish,.and so tasty.

          I also want to thank our customers who have supported us in becoming a symbolic Chiang Mai brand. To acknowledge this ,every year we will run special activities ,such as joining together to learn how to make a giant nham at Thapae Gate ,during the Song Kran Festival. University students, housewives; everyone can join in. ”

          Nham Pa Yon is available in nearly every market. More than just a souvenir of Chiang Mai,It is fastly becoming a culinary staple for visitors and city folk alike.

Several types of uncooked food appear within different cultures worldwide.North Thailand has its fair share ,some of which are the countries tried and tested favorites.

          Regarded as an appetizer ,nham (pickled port sausage),is a well known example,along with kaeb moo,(crispy pork rinds). Both are easy to find as well as tasting pretty awesome .And no need to cook a thing ; just tear the wrapper and it’s all there ,ready to eat!

          Amongst the many brands available at any local market , Nham Pa Yon is well recognized in most Chiang Mai households .Apart from being a well loved snack, Nham Pa Yon’s brand of nham can also be incorporated into several different dishes. Its memorable taste makes this product a real family favorite.

          The reputation of Nham Pa Yon has spread across Thailand and is as much a souvenir of a trip to Chiang Mai as anything else.

          Directly translated as nham of Auntie Yon,the Nham Pa Yon bran was inspired by Yon Kalo, a Lanna woman who was a talented cock, especially in the local fare of the North.She died in 1997 at the ripe old age of 92.However, her son and heir, Chuan Niratisayawanit has continued the family business , maintainling the well loved recipe of his Mother’s famous nham,while also improving manufactuting standards and especially the quality of the ingredients. The packaging style has also changed somewhat; from banana leaf, to plastic wrapper brandishing the logo of the Oui Yon Company Ltd, established back in 1994.

          Made from meat ,nham is truly a creation formed out of local wisdom. Predominantly made as a food source with an extended shelf life ,the sour taste of nham comes from the fermentation process ,supported by its major components of meat. sugar ,rice and protein. But what makes the taste so very awesome? Well , the secret is in the quality ingredients .The pork must be extremely fresh; so fresh that you can actually feel it . Another tip is the length of time used to prepare the nham; take too long, and the taste is ruined.

          For people who may have a fear of nasty parasites etc; no worries. Pig husbandry technology has been greatly developed over the years ,as have hygiene controis. In fact, the key to the success of Nham Pa Yon thus far is down to the company’s dedication within the field of biotechnology , instigated by their co-research project with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA).The NSTDA experimented with and developed how to apply microorganisms to the nham manufacturing process while killing all diseases and parasites. Nham Pa Yon therefore has seriously accurate expiry dates. And consistently gives healthy satisfaction to its eaters!

          Tourists who buy Nham Pa Yon to take back home can rest assured; this product is long lasting ,tasty as anything, and the absolutely perfect gift from Chiang Mai.



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